In addition to the scheduled talks, in-person attendees will be able to experience two exhibitions: The Sentinel Self by Sissel Marie Tonn and Microphotographs by Irina Petrova Adamatzky.

Virtual attendees can also enjoy the Microphotography exhibition virtually.

The event will also be streamed on Youtube.

Morning session

Time Title Speaker
9:00-10:00 Morning Social, Open Exhibition  
10:00-10:10 Welcome Remarks Life Perceives Team + Jamie Ward
10:10-10:30 Fingers, Thumbs and Wings: What magic effects reveal about perception and embodied knowledge of movement. Mark Baldwin
10:30-10:50 Senses of Purpose Lucia Pietroiusti
10:50-11:20 Liminal Limnology - exploring the space between air and water, AI and ethology, art and science Alex Jordan
11:20-11:30 Break  
11:30-12:30 Panel: Interdisciplinarity, Transdisciplinarity, Postdisciplinarity Moderated by Jo Walton
12:30-12:40 I lose my head - an excerpt from Lovebug Daisy Lafarge


12:40-14:00 Extended Lunch Break + Exhibition Visit  
13:00-13:50 SIGN-UP REQUIRED Dance workshop: Perception of Self in Time: the Role of Perspective Taking Mark Baldwin & Nicky Clayton

Afternoon session

14:00-14:25 Cuttlefish Camouflage: Expressing Perception Daniel Osorio
14:25-14:55 Planta Sapiens, Homo Stupidus? Paco Calvo (virtual talk)
14:55-15:20 Active Perception in Collective Cell Patterning Katie Bentley
15:20-15:35 Break - Ambient set: The Cell Planet Shu Yang
15:35-16:05 From physics to mind: the journey of cognition seen through the lens of embryonic development Michael Levin (virtual talk)
16:05-16:30 Fungal Brains Andrew Adamatzky (virtual talk)
16:30-17:30 Panel: Non-human Umwelts Moderated by Anil Seth
17:30 Closing remarks