Will Roseby

Will Roseby is a doctoral researcher in the Neuroscience department of the University of Sussex. His current investigations focus on the processing of sensory information in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, using genetic tools to understand the contribution of RNA regulation to the development and maintenance of the sensory nervous system. From genes, to cells, to networks, and finally to behaviour, his research aims to unify the diverse approaches in neuroscience to interpret the model organism in a holistic fashion.

Despite an inclination towards genetic studies of Drosophila, Will’s interests and experience span various fields in biology and neuroscience. Initially training in Biochemistry at Imperial College London, his first research project examined disparities in the photosynthetic process of different species of cyanobacteria. He subsequently specialised in neuroscience, staying at Imperial to complete a research Masters in which he studied how psychedelic drugs affect perception and mental well-being. It was during this time he also developed a proclivity and expertise in advanced statistical methods for data analysis.

Whether it’s examining brain network modulation in human studies, or single-cell sequencing of mouse neurons, Will finds enthusiasm in any inquiry into the nature of perception. He is also a lover of the natural world and an advocate for environmental policy in the broader science community.