Jonathan Reus

Jonathan Reus is a musician known for his exploration of novel digital instrumentations and interdisciplinary arts-led research in live and theatrical performances. He is co-founder of the instrument inventors initiative [iii] in the Hague, and of Netherlands Coding Live [nl_cl], and a recipient of the W. J. Fulbright Fellowship for his research in digitally-mediated performance at the former Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music [STEIM] in Amsterdam.

He has received commissions from Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Slagwerk Den Haag percussion ensemble, and Asko-Schönberg contemporary music ensemble, including composing original music for and designing robotic tape machine instruments in Brave New World 2.0, a nationally-touring ensemble production. In 2022 he received the CTM Radiolab commission for the year-long generative radio project In Search of Good Ancestors / Ahnen in Arbeit, airing on Germany’s national broadcasting service, Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Jonathan is a doctoral candidate in music composition at the University of Sussex, where he is part of the interdisciplinary “Sensation and Perception to Awareness” doctoral programme. His doctoral work explores the uncanny umwelts and unstable perceptual mechanisms of artificial intelligence systems through music and performance. He is also an affiliate of the Intelligent Instruments Lab (Reykjavik) and the Sussex Humanities Lab (Brighton).