George Kafetzis

Pronouns: he/him

George Kafetzis is a doctoral researcher in the Vision and Visual Ecology lab at Sussex University. Working with Prof. Tom Baden and slowly building a ‘shark guy’ reputation, he is interested in neural design and evolutionary constraints on it. By focusing on vertebrates that have been around for, well, many hundred million years and by studying neural circuits that morphologically have retained the same, ancient blueprint, he is interested in how the function of such circuits has been shaped in evolutionary time.

In a nutshell, he spends most of his working time, when not despairing, trying to figure out what shark eyes encode and then communicate to the brain.

Sharks aside, he is currently the host of the very successful Sussex Vision seminar series as part of the WorldWideNeuro initiative, and throughout his 10-year radio show career he has been trying to communicate science (and great music) to anyone even remotely understanding Greek. And more often than not, he is pleasantly surprised and genuinely puzzled with the frequent presence of international listeners among the audience.