Shu Yang

Shu Yang-Miyoshi, Oxford-based, is a DPhil candidate in Music Technologies at the University of Sussex. He holds an MA in Textiles (Bio-inspired), BSc in Biological Engineering, and a degree in Fashion Design. Before coming to the UK, he worked as a fashion designer in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai for ten years. As an interdisciplinary designer, his artwork has been inspired by science, particularly biology and ecology.

For the past year Shu has been developing a cycle of artworks titled The Cell Planet as part of his research into cellular metabolic processes in music. In these works he tries to use ambient music and sound to ‘draw out’ the organic movements and colours that mimic the behaviours of living organisms. Visual effects are autonomously generated in accordance with the sound, following his philosophy in bio-inspired art and design to: “keep the narrative interference of human beings as far away from the experience as possible.”